Shooting resumed, final stage


Hello… Thanks to your support today, June 15th we have began shooting the final stage of principal photography for El Último Amanecer / The Last Sunrise.

With the Indiegogo campaign we raised $ 7,494 dollars. After fees and once it was changed to pesos, we ended up with $ 78,268.06 pesos. This plus a previous local fund we won last year gave us a total of $ 88, 685.59 pesos (around 6,865 dollars).

With this money plus the generosity of our sponsors and crew, the next 11 days and a half we’ll be sharing life with José, Ana, Gerardo, Esteban, Imelda, Ceci and Manuel at locations around central Mexico.

Please receive our gratitude for making this possible.

Wait for pics and updates very soon!

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