My name is Héctor Falcón Villa. I am a Mexican cinema writer and director. From a young age I combined my creative work with teaching. I studied Communications in Mexico, Creativity in Spain and thanks to the Fulbright scholarship, Filmmaking in the United States. For almost 15 years I taught young Communicators and Filmmakers in universities in Mexico and the United States. However, I recently decided to focus in my artistic work.

This decision came as the result of a series of events triggered by the death of my father. As a kid he taught me of his passion for storytelling and movies. His departure has led to a change of perspective of what the meaning of his life was and, therefore, what the meaning of mine is.

The Last Sunrise is the first movie of this part of my life and my first feature film. Up until now, my work has been entirely fictional. However, it is no coincidence that this movie is a documentary.  I can’t think of a better starting point to begin unraveling, not only my devotions, but those of cinema itself. The devotions that are the stories, the unexpected images and the contemplation of the mysteries of the human experience.

You can see a sample of my media work here.