The Project

The Last Sunrise is a documentary in which, moved by the death of my father, I explore the way we humans embrace the enigma of existence. To do this, I let myself be touched by the stories and the rites of the Danzantes Concheros (Dancers of the Shells), a social group of Mexico with a long-honored tradition of religious syncretism. In their characters and their magical secrets, I find the reflection of my own questions. On the road of this encounter, I attempt to learn from their ancestral tradition of defeating fear and embracing mystery.

The Last Sunrise is a creative documentary that explores how our own understanding of death ultimately determines how we generate a sense of life. In the case of the Concheros, this understanding comes through devotion, the love of something or someone, be it earthly or divine. The key seems to be in life, not in death. The obstacle is fear. However, it is not the fear of dying. It is the fear of living.

This is not a movie about religion nor an anthropological account of the rituals of the Concheros. It is a movie about devotion and faith. Mostly, it is a story about people; people with doubts, weaknesses, conflicts and dreams.

It is also an occasion to share with the world a little of this ancient Mexican tradition. An emotional and intense journey into the dark mysteries of existence.